Amerigroup Provides Disaster Relief Efforts in Kentucky

Volunteer Team Assists Flood Victims in Livingstone County, KY

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (Tuesday, June 7, 2011) – Six members of Amerigroup Corporation’s (NYSE: AGP) Disaster Response Team returned home after a weeklong volunteer effort assisting residents in flood ravaged Kentucky.

The Disaster Response Team assisted families reeling from one of the worst floods to hit the region in decades. From recovering personal belongings to finding temporary housing, tearing down drywall, assisting with paperwork, and connecting individuals with the appropriate agencies, Amerigroup volunteers were on the ground providing comfort and support.

One real story of devastation to determination in Livingston, Ky involved a couple whose home was badly damaged in the flood. To make matters worse, the family was dealing with many health issues - from the husband’s battle with bone cancer and emphysema to a granddaughter’s difficult pregnancy. The couple turned to everyone they could think of for help and were repeatedly turned away. Disheartened and defeated, they were ready to walk away from their family home, convinced it was damaged beyond repair. The Amerigroup team was determined to help. They quickly went to work cleaning up debris and later reassured the family that their home could be saved. The couple was grateful that they would soon return home to share new memories with their great grandson who was born that day.

“I feel extremely fortunate to have the physical ability to help others in their time of need,” remarked Abby Lipskis, a member of the Amerigroup Disaster Response Team. “It’s also a tremendous honor to be part of a company that supports and encourages such activities.”

“The steadfast commitment and compassion from our employees to help our neighbors in need is truly remarkable,” said John E. Littel, Amerigroup executive vice president of external relations. “We strongly believe in our core values, to offer real solutions to people and communities that need it the most.”

Members of Amerigroup’s Disaster Response Team plan to head back to Kentucky at the end of June to assist with the rebuilding efforts.

About Amerigroup’s Disaster Response Team

The team’s mission is to provide real solutions in times of disaster, with a focus on seniors and people with disabilities. The team helps connect individuals to supportive organization and provides assistance with shelter, food, clothing, required paperwork, medical needs and equipment.

About Amerigroup Corporation

Amerigroup, a Fortune 500 Company, coordinates services for individuals in publicly funded health care programs. Serving approximately 2 million members in 11 states nationwide, Amerigroup accepts all eligible people regardless of age, sex, race or disability. The Company's product offerings do not utilize any individual underwriting nor deny coverage due to preexisting medical conditions. Amerigroup is dedicated to offering real solutions that improve health care access and quality for its members, while proactively working to reduce the overall cost of care to taxpayers.