A Culture of Caring

Year-round, Amerigroup associates contribute time, energy and resources to food drives, blood drives, health and vision screenings and a multitude of volunteer services. Amerigroup supports associates' volunteer efforts at eligible 501(c)(3) charities through the following programs:

Giving Program

Amerigroup associates give generously to health-related nonprofit organizations across the country through our Associate Giving Program, with a 50 percent match from the Amerigroup Foundation.

As part of the program, associates can also choose to donate to a fund to help colleagues in need of financial assistance because of qualified disasters or personal hardship.

Dollars for Doers

The Dollars for Doers program encourages year-round associate volunteerism, and helps associates’ commitment to their communities go even further by providing grants to eligible organizations where the volunteer service is completed.

Volunteer Time Off

Amerigroup offers volunteer time off to make it easier for associates to support organizations that are important to them. Because many volunteer opportunities occur during work hours, allowing full-time associates to use volunteer time off enables more of them to volunteer in their communities. Eligible associates receive up to eight hours of paid volunteer time off to be used to volunteer at qualified charities of their choice.